Information on Vitamins and Supplements

Information on vitamins and supplements

Information on Vitamins and Supplements is readily available from most pharmacists, and also at some super markets that have a large selection on display.

Information on vitamins and supplements
Fresh is best if you have the time

If you are curious about the benefits of vitamins and supplements but have never tried them, it may be difficult to know where to start. The first place that many people go when they want to buy vitamins and supplements is their local pharmacy. Here, you can find the regular assortment of vitamins, minerals and supplements that will help the regular consumer find what they are looking for. However, even the aisle at the drug store is getting larger and larger as many more people turn to vitamins and supplements for help instead of traditional medicine.

Where there used to be a few shelves of multivitamins and some vitamin C, now there are broad range of vitamins and hundreds of different products. The average shopper might not know what half of these items are, and when confronted with labels of different products that claim the same benefits, might just walk away. It’s even more confusing to go to the health food store where you can literally find thousands of products to choose from.

Information on vitamins and supplements explained

So where do you start looking for information on all of these different vitamins and supplements? The answer can get complicated if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. This is why it is important to sit down and think about what you expect to get out of a vitamin or a supplement. These days, vitamins can prevent or alleviate almost anything, so choosing a remedy may take a little more time than you might think.

If you have a specific need or an illness, you can start to get information by looking up that illness on the internet. Look for websites that offer alternative cures or holistic approaches. These are the sites that will have lists of vitamins and supplements and explanations as to how each one can help you with your problem. They may also recommend different doses or brands and also different forms that the vitamins and supplements come in. Then it’s easy to find what you want at the health food store.

Don’t rely too much on the expertise of the person behind the counter at a supplements store. They probably work for minimum wage and probably know more about running the cash register than vitamins. There are, however, vitamin and supplement books in every health food store. Pick the one that is right for you and start reading.

Information on vitamins and supplements from health magazines

Another good source to find out about the newest vitamins and supplements are health magazines. These magazines are sold everywhere. There are different magazines for men and women and also for different age groups. If you are looking for vitamins and supplements as an athlete, find a magazine that caters to your sport. All sports magazines have specific vitamin and supplement sections and advertising, so you can find the latest advances for supplements to make you faster and stronger.

If you work out at a gym, any fitness trainer will be able to tell you almost anything that you need to know about vitamins and supplements. It’s even pays to book off an hour of time with them to go over all the vitamins and supplements that will help you in your particular situation. Paying for an hour of their time is worth it if you can go into the supplements store and leave with the right product, as opposed to paying for a lot of stuff that isn’t going to work. This is because a personal trainer can tell you what to avoid when it comes overpriced vitamins and supplements.

Information on vitamins and supplements and misleading  advertising

The most important thing to remember, though, is to never believe the advertising that you see in the magazines, television, or the labels on the products in the store. These are the most misleading pieces of information you can get when it comes to information about vitamins and supplements. To read some of the claims that vitamin companies make, you’d think they were selling a miracle in a bottle. Don’t be fooled. Vitamins and supplements are incredible healing substances; but wild claims, a higher price, and fancy packaging doesn’t make them any better than anything else on the shelf. New information about vitamins comes out every day, so the best thing to do to keep current with information is to keep searching.

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Your stop smoking quit date

Your stop smoking quit date

Your stop smoking quit date Date may be sooner than you want to.  You are going to need to do several things to stop smoking, and that includes picking an actual quit date. Here is the catch though; this date does need to come. People every year decide that as a New Year’s resolution, they are going to aim to quit smoking, but January 1st comes and goes and they are still smoking. Rather than finding yourself in this position pick a day to quit and stick with it. On that day, all of your cigarettes need to be gone, and you need to be prepared mentally to kick the smoking habit for good.

Your stop smoking quit date can be the best decision that you have ever made

You are out to make a complete change in your life so you decide to pursue quitting smoking. While the option has crossed your mind before, you now have a sudden desire to actually quit, and to do it for good. You no longer want to be trapped to the cigarettes that have held you hostage for so long. This means it is time to start looking towards developing a sure fire plan that will allow you to quit successfully and for good. You no longer want to consider the option that you will fail; you have decided to go full steam ahead and now is the time for action.

Your stop smoking quit date followed by meaningful rewards

You should also look into setting up a rewards program for yourself; use the money that you are saving by not buying cigarettes to fund it if necessary. A year of smoking can easily cost more than $1,800 so you have a generous budget to work with if you are working towards permanent results. Just be sure to look for things that you really want to help encourage you. If you merely rely on the financial rewards, or just the physical and health rewards you are much more likely to fail, combine several types of rewards to keep yourself really motivated.

Your stop smoking quit date followed by a dynamic active lifestyle

As you are working to quit smoking you need to increase the amount of exercise that you are doing, you should also start to watch how you are eating. Many smokers find that as they quit smoking, they start gaining weight. This can often be a huge shock, but if you are exercising and eating right, you can minimize the weight gain to ensure that you are instead focusing on quitting smoking, rather than splitting your time between trying to quit smoking and trying to lose weight. Be prepared to pack on a small amount of weight but these small changes will ensure that you are not gaining large amounts.

A final consideration that you should take into account is your overall health. If you are in poor physical condition, you should discuss your plan to quit smoking with your doctor. While a doctor is not going to discourage your from quitting, they may have some helpful advice and information that is specific to your health situation. This can also be great because your doctor will be able to monitor your health to ensure that you can make the most impact in the quickest amount of time.

Your stop smoking quit date with the help of your friends

Simply trying to struggle to quit smoking on your own is not necessary. Using the advice from your doctor, as well as working with a well developed plan you will find that it is not as hard as you ever imagined. You are certainly in for a long and difficult road, but you will be able to find success at one end of the road, which will leave you in better health, and also help you to take pride in yourself for your accomplishment.

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Your Reason To Quit

Your Reason To Quit

Your reason to quit cigarette smoking will be the best decision that you can make in the best interest of your bodily health.  Think about it, there are eleven organ systems inside the human body, and none of them will get any benefit from cigarette smoking.  On the contrary, the money spent on cigarettes could buy healthy food and nutrition that support life in all systems of the human body.  This is thinking in the logical and scientific way about good health. Much power has been given to the body, power of the mind belongs to the cognitive mind, so that the human can make rational decision in the best interest of the persons health.

Your reason to quit smoking cigarettes with many rational reasons

People who choose to quit smoking without an actual reason to quit find it much harder to quit. When the going gets tough, they typically have nothing to look at as an ultimate motive. What might seem entirely impossible for one consumer can seem like a total dream for others. If you find that you are in this position you need to sit down and really analyze your decision to quit. Decide on the specific reason and write it down if necessary so that you always have a reminder. You may be surprised at just how helpful it is to write your wishes down.

Your reason to quit is a blown out of proportion universal problem

If you are struggling to quit smoking, you are certainly not alone. Only ones to benefit are the cigarette manufacturing companies. Each year there are millions of adults who choose to stop smoking. Each year there are also millions more who start smoking. This creates a never ending cycle of adults struggling to quit, learning the best ways to quit smoking is never easy. While there are plenty of excuses that tend to circulate all around, there are also several great resources that can be a huge help as you are struggling with the idea of quitting smoking. What might seem easy for you to master one day, might be your biggest headache another day.

It is extremely important to gain a thorough understanding of why you want to quit smoking. Simply waking up one morning and deciding to quit typically does not work. You need to have a specific reason that you are determined to quit. Whether your reason is for improved health, due to the request of your doctors, because you want to save money, or you just really want to be alive for your children. Ultimately, the reason itself is not important. The important thing is having a reason.

If you have to talk to others to help you decide upon the specific reason then feel free to do so. This can often be a great exercise to help you strengthen your resolve to quit as well. What might seem like a simple idea on paper may seem completely overwhelming if you start thinking about it. Talking to someone can help you to once again realize that it really is simple. Additionally, talking to someone about your desire to quit can be great to help you realize the temptations that you may encounter as well as ways to conquer those temptations.

Your reason to quit is rational, the will to do it and follow through takes a lot of guts

Choosing to quit smoking is not an easy decision. The fact that you cannot simply quit is going to make it much harder. Many people find that they are absolutely terrified to quit smoking. They believe that they just do not have what it takes to quit successfully. Finding yourself in this position is often scary. It is important to have a good network of supportive people around you. From your friends to your family you need the mental support of people who believe in you. Feeling down is going to be normal at times, but your support network should be quite helpful in boosting your confidence again.

Gaining the strength to quit smoking will take some practice. Overcoming all of the temptation is difficult of course as well, but pulling support from your friends and family, as well as making a conscious decision to quit will go a very long way in your struggle. What starts as a completely overwhelming process will ultimately seem quite simple. You will be able to quit smoking, you might have difficulties but you will ultimate come out triumphant over the cigarettes.

Your reason to quit should be supported by your friends

Regaining control of your life is possible, and with your support network in place, you will be able to ensure you are around for a very long time, and your health is much better. Simply deciding to give up on your attempt to quit smoking is not possible. You will be able to regain control, using your own strength and pulling the support of those around you it really is possible to change your life for the better, one cigarette at a time.

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Your Body Hates Smoke

Your Body Hates Smoke

Your body hates smoke is an understatement, there are eleven organ systems in the human body that all are working towards supporting the individual persons life. By misinformation and bad choices the individual person has taken on a habit that does not support life, it is like shooting one self in the foot.

Your body hates smoke and it is just waiting for a break from all that smoke to get healthy

One of the biggest benefits to not smoking is your health. You can decrease your risk of lung cancer, heart disease, heart attack, stroke and even high blood pressure to name just a few of the health problems that are experienced by smokers. While the time that it takes to decrease the risks vary, you should start to see an improvement in your health very quickly. This can be highly encouraging since you will be able to breathe better as you workout to stay in great physical health.

Looking to gain the biggest benefits that you can out of your goal to quit smoking is not insane, rather it is a good idea. Knowing exactly what is in store for you as you attempt to quit will help to keep you encouraged, plus it can be a great reminder about exactly why you set out on the adventure of stopping smoking when the going gets tough. Making sure that you are most benefit possible is not only a wise idea, but it can also serve a huge benefit of ensuring that you take full advantage of the improvement in your lifestyle.

Your body hates smoke, and so does your tight budget

Money is another fabulous reason to quit smoking. With the average cost of smoking up to over $1,800 a year for a single pack a day habit, you are looking at a lot of money just burned away. Keeping the money in your pocket can do a lot for your budget. It could even mean the difference between being able to buy that incredible sports car that you have had your eye on. You might even decide to drop the money into a savings account and really get the maximum benefit, regardless of your choice you are going to be happy to hang onto the money, rather than burn it up.

Your body hates smoke and so does all your pets in the house

Other benefits can include being able to keep your house, car and clothes smelling better. Everyone knows that cigarettes have a bad smell, and those who do not smoke can really pick up the smell. As your desire to smoke goes away, your desire to smell good will increase. This can lead to a complete top to bottom cleaning that will put you in a great mood. If you quit in the spring you could just consider it your yearly spring cleaning spurt. You will definitely love the increased sense of smell though, after all those gorgeous flowers in the yard will now have a reason to exist beyond just looking pretty.

If your friends try to con you out of giving up smoking, tell them to stick it.

The ultimate benefit that you will experience is your expected life span will be increased. What is better than finding the fountain of youth? Just by stopping smoking, you can significantly increase the amount of time that you are expected to live. This combined with the health benefits that quitting smoking offers you could find that you are looking at adding as much as 10 years onto your life. This is something that is absolutely huge, and just by quitting smoking as well. Most who discover just how much they can add to their life are absolutely shocked, but taking care of yourself and quitting smoking for good is a great benefit that you will certainly appreciate when you are older and enjoying those added years. Do not be afraid to live your life to the fullest, after you quit smoking you will have plenty of energy for a lot of great new activities that you can enjoy for years.

Your body hates smoke is only an introduction to the truth

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Why Do You Smoke?

Why Do You Smoke?

Why Do You Smoke? Is a fair question. Rational people are always asking all kinds of rational questions that are part of every day life. So, Why Do You Smoke?

Many people smoke for a wide range of reasons. They can range from something as innocent as smoking when you are depressed, stressed or when you just want a quick pick me up. The idea that smoking a cigarette will make your projects go away is an innocent idea, but in reality, it is completely incorrect. Typically, what is actually beneficial is the fact that you are able to take a few brief moments out of your life to see exactly what is going on. One such example is those who work at a stressful job, looking forward to your next cigarette break is often going hand in hand with trying to break away from the stress for a few brief moments. Learning how to cut down the stress at work can be very helpful to cutting down the number of cigarettes you need as well.

Trying to quit smoking is not easy, learning the exact reason why you actually smoke is often critical to the success of the project. If you discover the exact reason why you are smoking it can make it so much easier to actually determine how to find the success that you need, in order to quit for good. Simply trying to quit for reasons that do not pertain to your situation will leave you upset and frustrated. You are likely to feel as if you are nothing more than a failure, and your overall situation is not likely to be impressive at all. However, if you take the time to discover why you specifically smoke, you will be surprised at just how much easier it is to stop.

Other reasons that many people smoke is due to being under the impression that they will not be able to smoke. This comes back to the old idea that you are never hungry at night except for the night before a medical test when you are not allowed to eat after 8p.m. Suddenly that very night you are positively starving and think that your doctor is punishing you badly for some reason. The same thing happens to smokers. If you are going somewhere and you think you will not be able to smoke, the urge to smoke may be much stronger. This often has nothing to do with actually needing or even wanting to smoke. It is nothing more than a mental game that we play with ourselves.

Why Do You Smoke? Is it the emotions, nerves or boredom in life?

Many smokers find that they are only interested in smoking if they are bored. Having nothing to do leads to idle hands, which can easily create problems. Learning how to keep yourself busy is not easy, but trying to avoid boredom can often go a very long way in the battle to stop smoking. Taking the time to create a schedule for yourself that you can keep, without leaving too much down time is important. If you pack your schedule with too much, you will create stress, which could cause you to smoke even more, if you have too much free time you could become bored which can also lead to smoking more. A properly balanced schedule will ensure that you are productive without stressing.

Why Do You Smoke? When you look so tired?

A final consideration that you need to take into account is getting plenty of sleep. Many people smoke because they need a pick me up in the middle of the day. Finding yourself in this position is not good. Avoid staying up excessively late whenever possible. Even going to bed early once a week can add up to reducing the sleep shortage that you are experiencing. As lives are increasingly busy, it is quite easy to forget how important sleep really is. This can create a huge need to do something, almost anything to actually stay awake. Avoid smoking and ensure that you are getting the rest you really need. This simple step alone can help you to cut your smoking by as much as half if you are dedicated to getting the sleep that your body really needs to survive.

Why Do You Smoke? Maybe reveal misinformation about the harmful affects of cigarette smoking.

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Tips To Stop Smoking Today

Tips To Stop Smoking Today

Tips to stop smoking today can be the start of a new lifestyle with many improved health benefits. Giving up smoking is the right thing to do for the health sake. The road to the mountain top may be slow and arduous, but it is well worth the effort to see the big picture of the natural landscape. Life was meant to be lived out in the natural way, food and nutrition providing minerals and nutrients that support life. There are eleven organ systems in the human body, they all support life in one way or another.

Tips to stop smoking today and improve your health

Most people are readily aware that stopping smoking can improve their health, but learning how to really conquer the urges to smoke is not easy. With so many temptations circulating around, as well as the stresses of daily life it is easy to see why jumping into a pack of cigarettes seems like a good idea.

Tips to stop smoking today needs your rational cognitive mind to empower you

With so many tips and suggestions on how to stop smoking it is really easy to see why so many people really do not quit. The vast majority of people are completely confused by the entire process! What of the conflicting messages passed around? The fact is that with so much information passed around that is confusing to people it is often much easier to just continue smoking and hoping for a simple solution. Actually taking the necessary steps to really quit smoking is not easy. It means coming to terms with the fact that stopping smoking really is best for you, as well as your health.

Tips to stop smoking today with ten steps

Tip #1 You need a good reason to quit. Simply deciding to quit because the sky is blue is not a sufficient reason. The need to quit smoking is obvious, but the desire to quit needs to come from inside in order for the process to be successful.

Tip #2 Look for small rewards that you can give yourself as you make progress. You are not likely to just quit cold turkey with no complications. Set up small rewards that will help you to want to make progress towards ultimately quitting. This can be a great motivation to keep you on target.

Tip #3 Plan out your quitting strategy. Decide how you want to try to quit and stick to it. Set a specific amount of time for your plan. If after a time, say six weeks you have not quit, work on a new plan. This will allow ample time to try each method, while still giving yourself flexibility to try something else.

Tip #4 Work to overcome your struggles. If you are smoking due to stressful things in your life, you need to deal with the stress before you can successfully quit. Regardless of the reason why you are smoking, it needs to be dealt with in able to quit for good.

Tip #5 Set up a punishment for yourself. For example, if you generally stop at Starbucks each day for a coffee you might consider skipping that on days when you have fallen short of your goals for smoking. Whatever punishment you select, make sure it is something that you care about.

Tip #6 Seek out help from your friends and family. You need support as you are trying to quit, and this will help you to ensure that you are not alone in the entire process.

Tip #7 Look for someone to quit with you. If you are entirely on your own, you are going to be much more likely to slip back into smoking. If someone is working with you and holding you accountable, you are more likely to struggle to succeed. Working to quit smoking is not easy, but hard tasks are much easier to accomplish with a partner.

Tip #8 Ensure you are getting plenty of sleep. The job of quitting smoking is quite difficult. If you are not getting the rest you need, you are much more likely to be cranky, upset and angry with the world. This is very counterproductive to your goal of quitting smoking for good.

Tip #9 Aim to quit for good. This might seem a bit strange, but if you are just planning to quit for a weekend you are not going to put much effort into the process. If you are planning to quit for good, a lot more time and effort is going to go into the process as well as your plan to quit.

Tip #10 Look for ways to take your mind off cigarettes. If you are always thinking about cigarettes, you may find that you are much more tempted to smoke. Reading a book, exercising, talking on the phone, surfing the internet and even cooking are all great ways to occupy your mind and keep from thinking about when your last cigarette was.

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Time To Quit Smoking

Time To Quit Smoking

Headaches are another common withdrawal symptoms when you decide to quit smoking. This is something that occurs very commonly. Your best line of defense is any typical headache remedy that you prefer. Many will opt with a mild pain reliever while others will focus on relaxing techniques. Regardless of the method, try not to suffer too badly with a headache or it could encourage you to smoke to relieve the stress the headache is causing you.

You have set out in a goal to stop smoking, this of course is a great idea, however are you really prepared for the potential consequences. Of course, your health will enjoy a great benefit from the decreased smoking, but your body is going to have a period of adjustment as it works to handle all of the harsh effects that smoking has caused. Being fully aware of these potential negative side effects will ensure that you are properly prepared to attempt quitting the right way. Just saying that you want to quit is simply not enough, you need to actually make an effort and be prepared.

One of the most common side effects to quitting that you may experience is small spells of dizziness. These are typically only present in the first few days as your body works to regulate hormone production. If you just pause for a brief moment anytime the dizziness occurs it will generally pass quickly. If you try to press forth with activities during these spells you could become injured so taking your time is critical.

Tightness in your chest and even coughing is another common withdrawal symptom. As your body is adjusting to the lack of nicotine, it will start to also clear out the excess chemicals that are built up. This can cause several different reactions. Many people often mistake the chest tightening with having a heart attack. If you are certain that it is a heart attack rather than just standard chest tightening, make sure to get immediate medical attention.

One of the last major withdrawal symptoms is tiredness. While of course this is a problem that plagues almost anyone who can breathe it becomes an even bigger issue when trying to quit smoking. Often smokers use cigarettes as a way to give them a boost of energy, this can be helpful while you are smoking but the lack of energy as you are trying to quit can make you stressed, as well as weaken your resolve to actually quit. Try to ensure that you are getting plenty of sleep to combat this symptom as much as possible. Most people are able to return to their normal routine, minus the smoking after just a few short weeks.

Your body may experience additional withdrawal symptoms. How you handle them is typically left up to you as long as they remain mild, however at any sign of serious health problems you need to seek the advice and supervision of a doctor to ensure that there are not additional health problems that are being mislabeled as a withdrawal symptom. Talking to your doctor and letting them know that you plan to quit is typically a good idea so that they can also closely monitor your physical health during the difficult struggle. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth any time it may take to protect your health.

Bright Blissful Prosperous New Year 2016

Bright Blissful Prosperous New Year 2016

Bright Blissful Prosperous New Year 2016 and beyond into the 2020.

On 1st January, when Moon Sets and Sun Rises, the world would wake up to a new dawn, i wish all my friends and family live long and to witness 100 such dawns. Happy new Year.

Bright Blissful Prosperous New Year 2016

Bright Blissful Prosperous New Year 2016 and always in the future

Bright Blissful Prosperous New Year 2016 is a real positive attitude to have  and to go forward this year. The thing that hold many people back from achieving those goals that they want  life is often ignorance, they just don’t know how to get there, the place when they want to be at in life.  The chicken or the egg question, which comes first, idea or belief?   If you have the idea, then it is logical to start working in your mind with that idea and add the secret ingredient of faith and belief.  If you idea is just fantasy, unrealistic idea, then the idea can be in conflict with the reality of life.

However with matters o health and well-being, who can be against you? Who can be against the idea of good health and happiness?

  • Most likely your own desires
  • Lust for things
  • Insatiable sensual lust desire
  • Greed
  • Selfishness
  • Lack of self-respect
  • lack of respect for life in general

There are some possibilities why some people don’t get what they want, and for a good reason, people  don’t always get what they want.

Natural healthy lifestyle

Matters of healthy living is entirely on another ballpark to the above list, there needs to be a natural balance in life, generally. Meaning there is deep respect to a spiritual life. We get out of life what we put in. Another way of saying in Rural terms is that we reap that which what we sow. It is the boomerang effect, bringing back the responsibility to the cause.

Natural Eye Vision  program can help with various techniques to strengthen the eye vision without the use of glasses,  that is a real possibility.  Like any other organ, the eye vision system can be improved by giving it attention and working  on it and feed it with all of the necessary minerals and nutrients.

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Brand year 2015

Brand year 2015

Brand year 2015 is here right now, so make the most of it, at the very start of every year it is a good time focuses on the objective that you are functioning to in this Brand-new Year.
There need term objectives and also there are lengthy term objectives, with only a top priority strategy then it is feasible to comply with those objectives in the future. Without establishing objectives then it comes to be an arbitrary pot good luck video game.

Goal setting for Brand year 2015

Brand year 2015 goal setting is a terrific suggestion; it is feasible with only individual concerns and also personal goal setting improvement.
You may want to begin with asking on your own, just what are your lifetime objectives?

  • Exactly what would certainly you want to perform in the following 5 years?
  • If you just had 6 months to live, exactly what would you invest the time in doing?
  • Daily Physical exertion, as well as wellness could be a component of this strategy.
  • Consuming well-balanced nourishment daily could likewise be an individual worthy objective; it takes preparation as well as understanding.
  • Eye vision wellness could additionally belong to a day-to-day setting goal, eg. 20/20/20 Regulation of time, vision focus and resting the eyes.
  • Fresh open outdoors leisure tasks, healthy and balanced atmosphere as well as tidy fresh consuming water is likewise an individual option that individuals need to make their own choices.

These vital functions of the physical health and individual personal values find the core of individual life values.  Aas well as being unbiased to getting to those objectives as well as preventing those lots of diversions that usually revives from natural outdoors.
This is the moment of a year to make brand-new strategies, to arrange and also prioritise

Below is a huge Desire Wishing You a Wonderful Delighted Prosperous New Year 2015!

Brand year 2015
All Copyrights Reserved.

Healthy and balanced happiness, intense expectation with only Wonderful desires for the future.


Years do come and they also years do go, however, this is an additional chance to establish top priority objectives and also following them via throughout the unknown and yet to be choices of the future tomorrow.
You have an Excellent Brand year 2015.

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Essential nutrients for life

Essential nutrients for life

Essential nutrients for life, what are Essential nutrients for life? There are so many opinions and definitions being marketed about Essential nutrients for life, that the information can become confusing. What makes it worse is the marketing interest to push products by people who don’t really care about Nutrition. Then there are also the skeptics that argue against Essential nutrients for life and healthy lifestyle in general, including the use of mineral and vitamin supplements.

Essential Nutrients for life
All Copyrights Reserved.

Some people say that it makes no difference to the overall health, more likely they don’t care where their health is at, no parameters, no guidelines or rules to follow or to regulate. Facts about the Essential nutrients for life tells a different story, a story of building and growth, strengthening, and maintenance of the human body cells.

“An essential nutrient is a nutrient required for normal human body function that either cannot be synthesized by the body at all, or cannot be synthesized in amounts adequate for good health (e.g. niacin, choline), and thus must be obtained from a dietary source. Essential nutrients are also defined by the collective physiological evidence for their importance in the diet, as represented in e.g. US government approved tables for Dietary Reference Intake”.

Healthy Diet.

What is healthy diet? Every day nutritional needs are many, the  human body has eleven organ systems that depend on well-balanced nutrition to optimize supply to the human body diverse needs for growth renewal and maintenance.  See how nutrition is important for the eyesight, visit

Here is a definition of a healthy diet from Wikipedia.

“A healthy diet is one that helps maintain or improve general health. A healthy diet provides the body with essential nutrition: fluid, adequate essential amino acids from protein,[1] essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and adequate calories. The requirements for a healthy diet can be met from a variety of plant-based and animal-based foods”.

Essential nutrients for life and Dr Joel Wallach.

Who is Dr. Joel Wallach He is a debating defender and ambassador for the Essential nutrients for life

Joel Wallach was born and raised in Missouri, Dr. Joel Wallach attended The University of Missouri, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Science of Agriculture. A veterinarian for 30 years, he worked as a research veterinary pathologist with The National Institute of Health for The Center for the Biology of Natural Systems, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri; Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center in Atlanta, Georgia, at Emory University.

Here is a list of Dr Joel Wallach education and career training:

  •  1962 Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Major in Animal Husbandry (Nutrition) Minor in Field crops and Soil University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.
  • 1964 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.
  • 1966-68 Post-doctoral fellowship The Center for the Biology of Natural Systems Washington University, Barnes Hospital St. Louis Zoological Gardens, Missouri Shaw’s Botanical gardens, Missouri
  • 1982 Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine The National college of Naturopathic Medicine – Portland, Oregon
  • 1988 Recipient of the Wooster Beach Gold Medal Award For significant breakthrough in the basic understanding of the cause and pathophysiology of Cystic Fibrosis awarded by the Association of Eclectic Physicians.
  • 1991 Nobel Prize Nominee – Medicine For his stunning discoveries in the use of trace minerals to prevent catastrophic diseases in the newborn. Nomination by the Association of Eclectic Physicians (Chartered 1823).
  • Dr. Wallach’s research has resulted in the publication of more than 70 peer-reviewed and refereed journal articles in the fields of nutrition and pharmaceutical research,

Here is the reasoning behind Dr Joel Wallach optimised Nutrition Mission to the world as stated on the website Wallach online states:

We cannot get all the vitamins and minerals we need for metabolic competence from the standard three meals a day.

When the body has been assaulted by stressors, drugs, pollutants, injury or sickness, nutrients are lost more rapidly than normal and if they are not replaced, the victim’s ability to withstand stressors or fight off disease is reduced.

We use so many labor-saving devices that we need fewer calories. As food intake is reduced, it is nearly impossible to get all the nutrients we need without taking supplements.

Pollutants in the air, food & water put a stress on all of us. As a result, we require more vitamins and minerals to support the enzyme systems which aid in discharging these unwanted toxins.

Those sweet, “empty calorie” foods we eat rob the body of the nutrients required for digestion and absorption. In addition, food sensitivities and yeast infections damage intestinal lining cells so that even when we do eat nutrient dense food, absorption is limited.


There are skeptical unbelieving people in the world that make a living out of being a skeptic; there is a place in the heart of the human personality for genuine good will, good faith, belief, morality, agreement, reasoning, values, logic and rational natural healthy living. Some people will not believe anything that is outside of their circle of interest, experience or pleasures. They may have a long addictive habit of smoking cigarettes, initiated during the early teenage years at college, by a particular social group peer pressure. Initially a social pressure, which became a social status in a group, perceived as being “desirable cool”. The fine tuning balance of the human body with the eleven organ systems to regulate and to maintain the body functioning in a healthy state as a unit was completely disregarded at that point in time. Social creatures behaving as the herd, without thinking rationally about the long term health consequences. After 10, 20, 30 or more years of smoking tobacco cigarettes, an unbelieving skeptic may argue that there is no evidence to support that regular smoking has been a waste of money or that it is a negative undesirable habit. They may argue for the intoxicating sensation to the nerve center that a fresh dose of nicotine in the veins produces, but it is a subjective physical sensational experience that the person has become addicted to, defending their personal addiction.

Neutral Essential nutrients for life, from a Natural perspective

Essential nutrients for life from a Natural health perspective  needs to be looked at from a neutral perspective, what is in the best interest of the person or animal overall. Dr Joel Wallach extensive experience as a veterinary doctor seeing and recording with his own eyes how birth defects and abnormalities were at times or places common among nutrient deficient birth givers, and they were not genetic as wrongly often assumed. One such proven example told in a Dr Joel Wallach YouTube video the was that a birth defects with Arctic fox male and female pair, it occurred every time over many years, but the defects were always a different defect. The problem was fixed by supplementing the diet with a well-balanced diet of minerals and vitamins. The arctic foxes started giving birth to healthy pups over and over as long as the diet was well balanced and healthy for the fox couple. This long career in the veterinary discipline has given Dr. Joel Wallach an insight into the important role that nutrition have because it is common knowledge among the stock breeders of livestock that it is very costly to have a poor birth rate. In case, you did not know or realize this but the food that people enjoy eating in restaurants or even buying it at the local butchers may be all young animals, the lambs are only about eight to sixteen weeks old 2-4 months. Many people gloat with pleasure when they discover how tender and soft the meat of a baby cow veal is, but they give no thought to the fact that they are eating a baby cows meat.

Livestock dietary improved track record scientifically proven.

A lot of research has been done to improve the rate of healthy stock being born, in all farm animals imaginable, from chicken, ducks, and geese to goats, pigs cattle, and horses. Healthy farm animal births mean consistent revenue for the farmers business. According to Dr. Joel Wallach, the stock animal industry has eliminated hundreds of diseases and defects from the farm stocks over the last hundred years. The use of mineral and vitamin supplements with the farm animals has been scientifically proven to work, they have a track record that proves the results, and better health is produced by providing the farm animals a well-balanced nutritional diet.
I am also a strong believer of free eggs, I never buy battery eggs, and never consciously buy Veal even after being in the commercial cookery industry over 20 years, I don’t accept mistreatment of animals, and producing baby animals just so that they can be eaten at the “Baby” stage is immoral in my opinion. It does not respect the natural gift of life. Maybe eating chicken eggs is also immoral in that sense, I think it immoral for those people that don’t make the world a better more morally responsible place. Everyone has to start somewhere, to carry responsibility and to be morally responsible. To sacrificing a lifetime, to use others to make money and not to give anything back, by influence or sharing ideas that others may benefit is too common in our greedy world of selfish gain. What I perceive from the materials that I have listened and watched Dr Joel Wallach is not one of those people that has a mission for selfish gain, his has genuine compassion to help others get a natural healthy quality of life by providing information and resources to mineral and vitamin supplements, and giving lectures on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and Essential nutrients for life.

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